ASTRO Contest!


 Pagi ni, SB godek-godek internet..
know wat? i found one contest.. 
Jadi SB nk kongsi sesama..
 ASTRO Contest

 Which is started from
5 Dec 2011 to 29 Feb 2012

So, u got about 3 weeks to join!
 So, sape yang ada ASTRO kat rumah
u all just..
  •  upgrade to Astro B.yond HD, Recording Service or IPTV                                                                  
            ** dah upgrade? good job my dear! ^^

  •  then, u all need to answer 3 simple questions & lengkapkan slogan which is... 
           **  Astro B.yond is awesome because -------------------------------------
           ( 30 words or less )
* okei.. i know2, bukan contest cerpen .. woot2!
  •  stand a chance to win..
           **  Grand Prize x 2:
                 Proton Exora MPVs

           **  Special Prize x 10:
                 A Set of Samsung Products - 46" LED TV Home Theatre System,
                 Smartphone and Tablet

           **  Monthly Prize x 10:
                OSIM Massage Chair
           ** dah klik? belum?? cepat2.. ^^

   Best kan... Jom join!
Mana tahu, one of the prize rezeki korang.. ^^

Alhamdulillah, thank you for coming. ♥ Share if you like.

1 comment:

Misz Nuriz said...

maaf, rumah saya di sini takde astro..hihi

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